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Enabling Sustainability with Gas


The conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas, held on 18-19 March in Amsterdam, was a success in discussing the role of gas as an enabler for sustainability in the undergoing energy transition.

“The many researchers involved in the program have worked hard during the last five years to increase the gas sector knowledge base in many respects,” said Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma and Business Director Dr. Bert Wiersema. "That is why we were proud to present at this conference a highlight of the results from EDGaR's program."

Below, you will find 17 presentations and 27 posters made at this conference. 

Rolf Venhuizen, chairman of the Board of Governors, has written in Dutch a review of the conference for Petrochem

> Program of the conference (pdf)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Howard Levinsky in Amsterdam on 18 March 2015 (photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)


Chairman: Catrinus Jepma (EDGaR/University of Groningen/EDI)

Opening: Ulco Vermeulen (Gasunie)

Plenary 1 — Gas quality matters 

Chairman: Roelf Venhuizen (EDGaR)

Howard Levinsky (DNV GL). "End-use equipment and infrastructure: what’s ‘new’ about new gases, exactly?"

Albert van der Molen (Stedin). “Why gas quality matters for a distribution system operator.”

Plenary 2 — Gas as an energy system enabler 

Chairman: Roelf Venhuizen (EDGaR)

Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology). “The future of gas in integrated energy systems.”

Gert Mueller-Syring (DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut) and Hartmut Krause (DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut). “What needs to be done to use the potential of gas as a future energy system enabler?

Plenary 3 — Present and future of the gas market

Chairman: Gert Brunekreeft (Jacobs University Bremen)

Gert-Jan Lankhorst (GasTerra). “Investing in the Energy Union.”

Aad Correljé (Delft University of Technology). “Natural gas: a tale of three markets?”


Chairman: Catrinus Jepma (EDGaR/University of Groningen/EDI)

What will be the future of gas?

Kas Hemmes (Delft University of Technology), Bert Kiewiet (DNV GL), René Leegte (House of Representatives of the Netherlands/VVD), René Peters (TNO)

What will be the future of gas research?

Rainer Reimert (KIT), Paul Hesselink (Kiwa), Jan Vos (House of Representatives of the Netherlands/PvdA), Jacques Dubost (GDF Suez) 

Remarks on the first day

Catrinus Jepma  (EDGaR/University of Groningen/EDI)


Dinner speaker: Ruud Lubbers

Music: String quartet Mira Mobiel

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bram van der Drift in Amsterdam on 19 March 2015 (photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)

Session 1 — Changing gas quality and flexible appliances

Chairman: Mannes Wolters (Kiwa)

Erik Polman (Kiwa). "Trace gas components in biomethane: the devil is in the details."

Sander Gersen (DNV GL). “A control system for all gas compositions.”

Mannes Wolters (Kiwa). "Discussion: changing gas quality and flexible appliances."

Session 2 — Green gas production 

Chairman: Anton Janssen (Liander)

Luc Rabou (ECN). "Advanced green gas technology."

Bram van der Drift (ECN). "Green gas by gasification: a unique opportunity for the gas industry."

Session 3 —  Changing gas and energy markets 

Chairman: Anton Broenink (GasTerra)

Gerard Dijkema (University of Groningen). "Economic and institutional aspects of gas markets." 

Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen). “Regulating changing energy markets and the role of law.”

Session 4 — Future gas quality and infrastructure

Chairman: Michiel van Dam (Enexis)

Karen van Bloemendaal (DNV GL). "Better safe than sorry: safety and integrity aspects of using natural gas infrastructure to transport 'new' gases."

René Hermkens (KIWA). "Experiments prove, the distribution grid is able to transport sustainable gas — provided that humidity is controlled."

Session 5 — Smart grids for gas 

Chairman: Wim van Gemert (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)

Marcel Volkerts (DNV GL), Hans Wortmann (University of Groningen). “From smart grids to smart business.”

Session 6 — Innovative perspectives on gas 

Chairman: Margot Weijnen (Delft University of Technology) 

Kees Pulles (Kiwa). "The role of energy storage at a distribution level."

Rien Herber (University of Groningen). "Effects of impurities in carbon dioxide on the carbon capture, transport and storage chain optimization."


Chairman: Karel Beckman (Energy Post)

How robust is the gas roundabout in the face of political instability?

Tim Boersma (Brookings Institution), Sybren de Jong (Gasunie)

How green will gas be in Europe by 2050?

Jaap Kiel (ECN), Marc Perrin (GDF Suez), Paulien Herder (Delft University of Technology) 

Closing remark

Catrinus Jepma (EDGaR/University of Groningen/EDI)


Participants at the poster session, Amsterdam, 19 March 2015 (photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)

Production of new gas

Kumalaputri, Angela, Valentin Hornillos, Lais Carnauba, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Arjan Kloekhorst, Ben Feringa, Hero Jan Heeres (University of Groningen). “Green gas by gasification of wet biomass in supercritical water.” 

Palstra, Sanne (University of Groningen), Rabou, Luc (ECN), Meijer, Harro (University of Groningen). “14C-based verification of the biogenic carbon fraction in biogas, SNG and bio/fossil gas mixtures.”

Rabou, Luc, Eric van Dijk, Bram van der Drift, Wim Haije (ECN). “Methane production from biomass, biogas and CO2.”

Gas infrastructure

Bloemendaal, Karen van, Martin Hommes (DNV GL). “Ensuring integrity in a changing gas world.”

Burg, Robbert-Jan van der, Hans Wortmann (University of Groningen), Jan-Willem Turkstra, Marcel Volkerts (DNV-GL), Nick Szirbik (University of Groningen). “GISEGAS: a serious game for a serious business.” 

De Joode, Jeroen, Francesco Dalla Longa, Bert Daniëls (ECN). “Modelling future regional energy systems: lessons learnt and future opportunities.”  

Gersen, Sander, Karen van Bloemendaal (DNV GL). “On safely admitting hydrogen to natural gas.”

Gersen, Sander, Martijn van Essen, Pieter Visser, Mohammad Ahmad (DNV GL), Anatoli Mokhov, Alexey Sepman (University of Groningen), Ramon Alberts, Arno Douma (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Howard Levinsky (DNV GL/University of Groningen). “Detection of H2S, SO2 and NO2 in CO2 at pressures ranging from 1-40 bar by using broadband absorption spectroscopy in the UV/VIS range.”       

Hommes, Martin, Maarten Duyff (DNV GL). “Transporting ‘new’ gases in natural gas pipelines: how about internal corrosion?

Kippers, Mathijs, Hans de Laat, Edmund Fennema (Kiwa). “Integrating local and regional energy systems.”

Koedam, Marcel de Nes (Liander). "Short term infrastructure for gas storage: CNG tank stations give green gas opportunities." 

Pulles, C.J.A., M. van der Laan (Kiwa). “Is biogas less safe (than natural gas)?

Pulles, C. (Kiwa). “Investments in the distribution network.

Perl, Andras, Peter Jansen, Folkert Koopman, Marietta de Rooij, Wim van Gemert (Hanze University of Applied Sciences). “Methane storage in porous activated carbons.”

Chaabane, I., W. Van Gemert, J.A. Piest (Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen). “Is methane-hydrate a viable storage medium for gaseous methane?

Zondag, Herbert (ECN), Robert de Boer (ECN), Robert de Smidt (ECN). “Packed bed methane sorption with activated carbon: experiments and modelling.”

Gas quality and appliances

Huitema, Sander, Maarten Duyff (DNV GL). “Temperature predictions in gas outflow.”

Essen, Martijn van, Sander Gersen, Gerco van Dijk (DNV GL), Howard Levinsky (DNV GL/University of Groningen). “A new method for characterizing the knock resistance for gaseous fuels.” 

Essen, Martijn van, Sander Gersen, Pieter Visser, Berthil Slim, Harmen de Vries, Harry Darmeveil, Gerco van Dijk (DNV GL), Howard Levinsky (DNV GL/University of Groningen). “Things to consider for domestic appliances when introducing sustainable gases.

Visser, Pieter, Sander Gersen, Martijn van Essen (DNV GL), Howard Levinsky (DNV GL/University of Groningen). “Effects of silica deposition on the performance of domestic equipment.

Pieter Visser (DNV GL), V.M. van Essen (DNV GL), H.B. Levinsky (DNV GL, RUG). “Development of a predictive method on soot formation for new gases based on laser induced incandescence measurements.”   

Polman, Erik, Bert Gerritsen (Kiwa Technology). “Development of measurement methods for trace gas components in biomethane.” 

Policy and market of gas

Dignum, Marloes, Aad Correljé, Martijn Groenleer (Delft University of Technology). “In search of a European gas market: developing the gas target model policy and market of gas.”

Dsouza, Austin (Hanze University of Applied Sciences). “A business model design framework for viable decentralised energy business models.”

Van Hout, Marit, O. Ozdemir, J. de Joode (ECN). “Short-term price and volume interactions in an integrated gas and electricity market framework.”

The future of gas

Dijk, Peter van (EDGaR). “The road to innovation.”

Eker, Sibel, Els van Daalen (Delft University of Technology). “A multi-method analysis of the robustness and effectiveness of gas sector policies.”  

Pulles, Kees (Kiwa) , Harald Ophoff (Kiwa). “Modelling the future energy infrastructure of two islands.”

Program Committee

Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma, chairman (University of Groningen)
Prof. Dr. Howard B. Levinsky (DNV GL)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Dr. Luc Rabou (ECN)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Mannes Wolters (KIWA)

Organizing Committee

Dr. Bert Wiersema, chairman (EDGaR)
Dr. Jean-François Auger (EDGAR)
Dity van Dijk-Jonkman (EDGaR)
Albertha Bloemhoff (EDGaR)
Wibe Snelting (EDGaR)

Further information

For questions about this event, please contact Dr. Jean-François Auger, program manager EDGaR, at +31(0)50.363.4778 or j.auger@rug.nl.