2013-04-25 Print

Fifth Research Day


A national conference that showcased the results obtained per project

Villa Vennendal in Nunspeet Villa Vennendal in Nunspeet

The Fifht Research Day has been held in Nunspeet on 25 April 2013. More that 70 participants of the Energy Delta Gas Research attended this event. 

Overview of the program

Key-note speeches

  • 'Coordination challenges in smart systems,' Gert Brunekreeft (Director of the Bremer Energie Institut, Jacobs University)
  • 'Can gas sustain and can innovation enable?,' Ulco Vermeulen (Director Business Development, Gasunie)

Researchers discussing a poster Researchers discussing a poster

Poster exhibition

Researchers at lunch Researchers at lunch


Session 1: The future of gas quality 

  • 'Regarding specifications for siloxanes in biomethane for domestic equipment,' Martijn van Essen (DNV KEMA), Pieter Visser (DNV KEMA), Sander Gersen (DNV KEMA), Howard Levinsky (DNV KEMA and University of Groningen), David Vainchtein (University of Groningen), Mikhail Dutka (University of Groningen), Anatoli Mokhov (University of Groningen)
  • 'Development of a domestic boiler suited for all gaseous fuels,' Sander Gersen (DNV Kema), Pieter Visser (DNV KEMA/Gasunie), Frits Bakker (ECN), Ger de Graaf (Delft University of Technology), Reinoud Wolffenbuttel (Delft University of Technology), Ruud Westerwaal (Delft University of Technology), Bernard Dam (Delft University of Technology)
  • 'Effects of impurities in carbon dioxide on the carbon transport and storage chain optimization,' Rien Herber (University of Gronignen)

Session 2: Energy systems at the junction of gas and electricity

Session 3: The future of local gas

Program Commitee

Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma, chaiman (University of Groningen)
Prof. Dr. Howard B. Levinsky (DNV KEMA)
Dr. Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Dr. Luc Rabou (ECN)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Mannes Wolters (KIWA)

Organizing Committee

Dr. Jean-François Auger (EDGAR)
Dr. Bert Wiersema (EDGaR)
Dity van Dijk-Jonkman (EDGaR)
Annemiek Kremer (EDGaR)