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Gas Fuels Europe


An international conference for a European research program on gas and sustainability

Marc Florette, Bernhard Witschen and Alexander Schwanzer in Brussels on 28 November 2013 (photo: EDGaR/J.-F. Auger)

EDGaR-DVGW Second Joint Conference on Gas Innovation and Sustainability has been held in Brussels on 28 and 29 November 2013. Political representatives, business executives and scientific researchers explored the possibility of a European research program on gas innovation and sustainability. Besides, representatives of both organizations showcased the results of the most advanced researches. (Download the program.)

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Gas research and innovation

Netherlands and Germany 

Catrinus Jepma (EDGaR), “Is the role of gas changing?”
Gerald Linke (E. ON New Build & Technology), "Power-to-Gas: gas in an integrated energy system"

France and Austria 

Marc Florette (GDF SUEZ), "Energy transition in France, challenges for gas research"
Alexander Schwanzer (ÖVGW), "Gas initiatives in Austria" 

Marc van Stiphout in Brussels on 28 November Marc van Stiphout in Brussels on 28 November

European Union

Mark van Stiphout (European Commission, Cabinet for Energy) (n.a.)
Axel Voss (Member of European Parliament, Energy Committee) (n.a.)
Beate Raabe (General Director, Eurogas) (n.a.)

Specialized themes

Gas and related industries

Matthias Müller-Mienack (Elia Group/GridLab), “Evolution of transmission systems as precondition for decarbonisation of electricity supply
Gert Müller Syring (DBI), “HIPS-NET: establishing a European understanding of admissible hydrogen concentration in the gas grid

Liquefied natural gas

Howard Levinsky (DNV KEMA), "LNG for transportation: promise and enablers"
Martin Seifert (Swiss Association for Gas and Water), “LNG market perspectives,”  co-speaker Vaclav Chrz (Chart Industries)

New gas applications 

Holger Dörr (DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institute of Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), "Recent progress in gas appliances"
Marcel Volkerts (DNV KEMA), "Gasboard: simulating the future of gas"

Social, legal and economic aspects

Anton Janssen (Alliander), "Conversion and perception: Power to gas and gas to power
Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer (TU Clausthal), "Regulatory framework and network modelling"

New gas quality 

Jörg Leicher (Gas- und Wärme- Institut Essen e.V.), “Impact of gas quality variations on industrial combustion processes
Luc Rabou (ECN), "New gases, old-time quality"

System integration 

Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology), “System integration: societal and technical challenges of future energy systems
Dirk Müller (E.ON Energy Research Center), “Energy efficient building with co-generation

Summary and conclusion 
Gerald Linke (E.ON), "Summary of the thematic sessions"

Program committee

Frank Graf (EBI)
Frank Gröschl (DVGW)
Catrinus Jepma (University of Groningen and Energy Delta Institute)
Hartmut Krause (DBI)
Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Howard B. Levinsky (University of Groningen and DNV KEMA)
Gerald Linke (E.ON New Built & Technology)
Luc Rabou (ECN)
Bert Wiersema (EDGaR)
Mannes Wolters (KIWA)

Organizing committee

Ludmilla Asarow (DVGW)
Jean-François Auger (EDGaR) 
Albertha Bloemhoeff (EDGaR)
Dity van Dijk-Jonkman (EDGaR)
Dongdong Niu (DVGW)
Uwe Wetzel (DVGW)

Further information

For questions about this event, please contact Dr. Jean-François Auger, program manager EDGaR, at +31(0)50.363.4778 or j.auger@rug.nl.