2013-02-07 Print

Gas without Frontiers


An international conference for research cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands


DVGW's innovation offensive DVGW's innovation offensive

The conference ‘Gas without Frontiers,’ aimed at strengthening the links between the Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW) and the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR), has been held in Arnhem on 7 and 8 Feburary 2013. 

Key-note speeches

Making new gases

Infrastructure systems

System analysis

Effects of new gases

Program committee

Frank Graf (EBI)
Frank Gröschl (DVGW)
Catrinus Jepma (University of Groningen and Energy Delta Institute)
Hartmut Krause (DBI)
Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Jürgen Lenz (DVGW)
Howard B. Levinsky (University of Groningen and DNV KEMA)
Gerald Linke (E.ON New Built & Technology)
Luc Rabou (ECN)
Mannes Wolters (KIWA)

Organizing committee

Dr. Jean-François Auger (program manager, Energy Delta Gas Research)
Dongdong Niu (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches)