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Sixth Research Day


A national conference that showcases the results of the research program on gas and sustainability. 

Key-note speeches

Marc Perrin, Head Manager R&D at GDF SUEZ, delivering a speech at the Sixth Research Day in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014 (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)


"The changing role of gas and the gas research agenda.” Catrinus Jepma (scientific director, EDGaR)

“Green gases: today's opportunities, tomorrow's innovations for sustainable grid gas.” Marc Perrin (Head Manager R&D, GDF SUEZ) 


Session 1. Economic and social aspects of gas

Bert Scholtens, professor at the University of Groningen, delivering a presentation at the Sixth Research Day in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014 (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)


Innovation for and by decentralized energy production.” Jessica de Boer, Tineke van der Schoor, Bert Scholtens (University of Groningen) 

Real option analysis, tactical maneuvers in the fog.” Kees Pulles (Kiwa) 

Transmission system operators in a liberalized European gas market: institutional design, challenges and solutions.” Marloes Dignum (Delft University of Technology) 


Session 2. Gas quality and technology

 Jan-Wilco Dijkstra, research engineer at ECN, delivering a presentation at the Sixth Research Day in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014 (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)


SNG quality in power to gas applications.” Marija Sarić, Jan-Wilco Dijkstra, Luc P. L. M.  Rabou, Wim G. Haije (ECN)

Results of the project Advanced green gas technology development, phase 1.” L. P. L. M. Rabou (ECN), H. J. Heeres (University of Groningen), S. W. L. Palstra (University of Groningen)

“A new method for characterizing the knock resistance for gaseous fuels.” Martijn van Essen, Sander Gersen, Gerco van Dijk, Albertus Dijks, Howard Levinsky (DNV GL) 


Session 3. Gas systems

Frits Bakker, senior advisor at ECN, delivering a presentation at the Sixth Research Day in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014 (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)


 “New gas sensors.” Frits Bakker, Wim Haije (ECN) 

Which business model ontology is best suited for modelling decentralised energy business ecosystem.” Austin D'Souza (Hanze University Gronigen), Nick van Beest, George B. Huitema and J.C. Wortmann (University of Groningen)

"Designing the biomethane supply chain through automated synthesis." Taede Weidenaar (University of Twente)


Interactive activity with Gasboard

"Playing Gasboard."' Robbert-Jan van der Burg (DNV GL) 


Poster exhibition

Analyzing energy transitions: the added value of integrated gas and electricity market modelling.” Marit van Hout, Jeroen de Joode, Ozge Ozdemir (ECN)

Analyzing the supply mix dynamics in the Dutch gas sector under uncertainty.” Sibel Eker (Delft University of Technology) 

"Burning ice: a medium for small-scale decentralized storage of CH4." J. A. Piest, Wim T. J. van Gemert, Ibrahiim Chaabane (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) 

Decentralized biogas storage: balancing demand and supply in local energy systems.’’ Gideon Laugs, René Benders, Henk Moll (University of Groningen) 

Decentralized (bio)gas storage design with small scale MTT/CAES/TES.” Marietta de Rooij, Folkert Koopman, Hans van Weerden (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Robert de Boer (ECN), Christine Pelletier (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) 

Development of a predictive method to analyze the effect of sustainable gases on soot: soot measurements in rich-premixed/diffusion flames using laser induced incandescence.” Pieter Visser, Martijn van Essen, Sander Gersen, Howard Levinsky (DNV GL) 

Emissions trading by energy firms: in line with compliance?” Thijs Jong (University of Groningen) and Alexander Zeitlberger (University of Graz)

Energy security in de-carbonization scenarios: model-based analysis of technology and policy choices.’’ Adriaan van der Welle, Jeroen de Joode, Bert Daniels (ECN)

Exploring the interactions between natural gas market and electricity market using agent-based modelling.’’ Seyed Ahmad Reza Mir Mohammadi Kooshknow, G. Bas, Gerard P.J. Dijkema (Delft University of Technology) 

"Methane adsorption on activated carbon." Andras Perl, Folkert Koopman, Peter Jansen, Marietta de Rooij, Wim van Gemert (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) 

Modelling emerging institutions under various congestion management measures at gas interconnectors.” Reinier Verhoog, Chris Davis, Amineh Ghorbani, Gerard Dijkema (Delft University of Technology) 

Packed bed methane sorption with activated carbon: experiments and modeling.’’ Herbert A. Zondag, Robert de Boer, Robert P. de Smidt (ECN)

"Release of CH4: controlled decomposition of methane-hydrate." Ibrahiim Chaabane, Wim T. J. van Gemert, J. A. Piest (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) 

Research approach into the social and legal aspects of decentralized biogas storage.” Dennis Schuldink (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Gideon Laugs (University of Groningen), Johannes de Bruin (Kiwa), Henny van der Windt, Henk Moll (University of Groningen) 

Ruthenium nanoparticles-catalyzed production of methane from wet biomass by supercritical water gasification.” A. J. Kumalaputri, V. Hornillos, L. Carnaúba, K. Krawczyk, A. Kloekhorst, B. L. Feringa, H. J. Heeres (University of Groningen)  

The next fifty years,” Kas Hemmes, Eefje Cuppen, Udo Pesch, Jaco Quist, Andreas Ligtvoet, Sibel Eker, Els van Daalen (Delft University of Technology), Floris van Forest (DNV GL) 


Program Commitee

Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma, chairman (University of Groningen)
Prof. Dr. Howard B. Levinsky (DNV GL)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Dr. Luc Rabou (ECN)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Mannes Wolters (Kiwa)

Organizing Committee

Dr. Jean-François Auger (EDGaR)
Dr. Bert Wiersema (EDGaR)
Dity van Dijk-Jonkman (EDGaR)
Albertha Bloemhoff (EDGaR)