Acknowledgement policy

For documents, presentations and publications

Participating researchers have to acknowledge the financial contribution of the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) and its financing institutions in scientific publications, presentations, reports and documents. Please include the acknowledgement text that correspond to the language of the document:


This research has been financed by a grant of the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) program. EDGaR is co-financed by the Northern Netherlands Provinces, the European Fund for Regional Development, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of Groningen.


Dit onderzoek is gefinancierd door een subsidie van het Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) programma. EDGaR is medegefinancierd door het Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland, het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling, het ministerie van Economische Zaken en de provincie Groningen.


On posters, presentations, reports and documents (to the exclusion of scientfiic articles, book chapters and books) it is mandatory to add:

  • The acknowledgement paragraph
  • The EDGaR logo
  • The logos of the participating partners to the project
  • The logos of the financial institutions with, next to it, the slogan in English "Investing in your future' or in Dutch "Hier wordt geïnvesteerd in uw toekomst"'

Download the power point presentation and the official logos from here:

EDGaR Partners Financial institutions
Power point Long banner Block banner
EDGaR 500 px Gasunie SNN
EDGaR 700 px University of Groningen European Union
EDGaR 2000 px Delft University of Technology Ministry of Economic Affairs
  Kiwa Province of Groningen
  Hanze University of Applied Sciences