European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation

EDGaR is one of the founder of the European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation (ERIG) in Paris on 2 June 2015. 

ERIG is a non-profit network that serves as a focal point for European collaboration in research and innovation by planning and executing research and development in the field of sustainable and innovative gas technologies.

ERIG members represent national technical and scientific gas organizations and associations. Via its members, ERIG is directly linked to existing structures in EU countries such as research facilities, universities and industry.

The members represent in particular the requirements of energy and gas in Northern/Western Europe. The research portfolio of ERIG members covers all aspects from the production of gas through to gas utilization in different markets.

Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches

The Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) has a scientific and research collaboration with the Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW) since July 2013.  

Both organizations encourage cooperation between their ongoing research projects. They exchange information about new measurement methods of gas components, the impact of new gas quality on the infrastructure, smart gas grids and the integration of gas and electricity systems.

They further develop their partnership with a research program that will keep Europe at the vanguard of the greening of gas, and can contribute to a renewable power generation through the flexibility of modern gas infrastructure.

They organize an annual international conference on gas and sustainability. Besides, they exchange speakers for their regular conferences.

DVGW’s Innovation Offensive includes twenty projects on the role of gas in the energy system, gas production and processing, network management and application technologies.