Network Industries Quarterly, vol. 12, no 4 (2010)
A research program on the gas infrastructure in the Netherlands
An overview of the research program as of December 2010 (English)

ECN Nieuwsbrief (November 2010)
EDGaR verleidt deelnemers om hun horizon te verbreden
An interview with Luc Rabou, member of the program committee and project leader (Dutch)

European Energy Review (2010.09.28)
Gas must reposition itself in the new energy world
An interview with Catrinus Jepma, EDGaR's Scientific Director (English)

Energy Delta Institute Quarterly, vol. 2, no 3 (September 2010), pp. 1–15
EDGaR: The largest natural gas research project in Europe
An overall presentation of EDGaR with interviews (English)

Provincie Groningen (2010)
Verbinding tussen aardgas en duurzame energie
On the participation of the Province of Groningen to the financing of EDGaR (Dutch)

EnergiePortal (2010.06.04) (2010)
Eerste projecten EDGaR gehonoreerd
On the first research projects granted by EDGaR (Dutch)

De Nederlandse Energiebranche (2010.01.12) (2010)
Bedrijven en onderzoeksinstellingen bundelen kennis in Energy Delta Gas Research
On the launching of the research program of EDGaR (Dutch)