Research Leaders

Research leaders and members of EDGaR direction Research leaders with members of EDGaR's Program Steering Committee and Bureau (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)

Research leaders, who are employed by EDGaR’s partners, are responsible of the scientific direction and management of their projects. They coordinate the execution of the research within their team and with other project of the program. They have a strong scientific background in their academic specialty at the university or a long-standing professional experience in private companies. Their activities are coordinated by the Program Steering Committee

Research leaders

Frits Bakker (ECN)
Karen van Bloemendaal (DNV GL)
Dr. Aad Correljé (Delft University of Technology)
Dr. ir. Gerard Dijkema (Delft University of Technology)
Bram van der Drift (ECN)
Dr. Wim van Gemert (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)
Dr. Wim Haije (ECN)
Dr. Kas Hemmes (Delft University of Technology) 
Prof. Dr. Rien Herber (University of Groningen)
René Hermkens (KIWA)
Bert Kiewiet (DNV KEMA)
Dr. Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology)
Pr. Dr. Howard B. Levinsky (University of Groningen and DNV KEMA)
Dr. Erik Polman (KIWA)
Kees Pulles (KIWA)
Dr. Luc Rabou (ECN)
Pr. Dr. Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)
Bert Scholtens (University of Groningen)
Marcel Volkerts (DNV GL)
Prof. Dr. Hans Wortmann (University of Groningen)