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EDGaR was a consortium of companies, higher education institutions and research institutes — financed by the Northern Netherlands Provinces, the European Fund for Regional Development, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of Groningen.

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11 partners

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EDGaR has delivered the results of 30 multidisciplinary research projects on gas and sustainability. They were articulated around three themes: from monogas to multigas, energy system of the future and changing gas markets.

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30 projects

780 outputs

The projects resulted in more than 780 scientific outputs such as reports, journal articles, conference papers and books.

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780 outputs

125 innovations

Discover 125 innovations in strategic advice, processes, services, products for the gas industry in the transition towards the use of sustainable energy. Investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups are invited to connect with EDGaR’s partners.

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125 innovations

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The future of natural gas lies in renewable energy


The future of natural gas lies in renewable energy

The future of natural gas can no longer be taken for granted. If natural gas is to play a meaningful role in the energy transition, it will have to form a coalition with renewable energy sources. This was one of the surprising results of EDGaR.

Few things are taken for granted as much as natural gas. Households simply assume that their stoves will always function and their central heating boilers will start every time. And there are still quite some years to go before the Dutch gas fields will be depleted. So what was the need for Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR), the ambitious and recently rounded off research programme on the role of natural gas in the future? Read more »

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2015-09-16 17:43

RT DVGW: Congratulations to 's first president, Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jetses Jepma!

2015-06-05 14:46

A European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation has been founded in Paris this week. See:

2015-05-28 08:15

What will be the future role of gas? A research report analyses all scenarios. Read

2015-05-20 08:10

An article compares power-to-gas, pumped hydro storage and compressed air energy storage.

2015-05-18 08:59

Consumers prefer a stable energy price and to change their practice instead of changing technology, a survey shows. ►

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