The future of natural gas lies in renewable energy


The future of natural gas can no longer be taken for granted. If natural gas is to play a meaningful role in the energy transition, it will have to form a coalition with renewable energy sources. This was one of the surprising results of EDGaR.

Few things are taken for granted as much as natural gas. Households simply assume that their stoves will always function and their central heating boilers will start every time. And there are still quite some years to go before the Dutch gas fields will be depleted. So what was the need for... Read more »

A European research institute for gas and energy innovation


A European network for gas and energy innovation has been founded in Paris. 

On the occasion of the World Gas Conference in Paris on 2 June, seven leading European research and development organizations — among which the Energy Delta Gas Research — have established an innovative network to guide gas into the transition process towards a future renewable... Read more »

Enabling Sustainability with Gas


The conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas will be held on 18 and 19 March at the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. It will discuss the role of gas as an enabler for sustainability in the undergoing energy transition. The conference will present the research results of the Energy Delta... Read more »

Innovations for the transition towards the use of sustainable energy


EDGaR releases a portfolio of 125 innovations that contains strategic advice, processes, services and products.

EDGaR’s portfolio contains a broad range of innovations for the technical components of the gas supply chain. They are about the production of renewables gas such as biogas, hydrogen and substitute natural gas. They include methods to inject these into the gas transmission grid. Finally,... Read more »

The transition of distribution system operators towards sustainability


What are the implications of the introduction of sustainable gases for distribution system operators?

Sustainable gases have different quality than the current natural gas transported and distributed in the Netherlands. Before injecting these gases, distribution system operators will have to adapt their infrastructure and operations. Several researches on this topic had been presented at a... Read more »