Enabling Sustainability with Gas

The EDGaR researchers (photos: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda) The EDGaR researchers (photos: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)

The conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas will be held on 18 and 19 March at the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. It will discuss the role of gas as an enabler for sustainability in the undergoing energy transition. The conference will present the research results of the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR), one of Europe’s largest public–private program on gas and sustainability.

“The many researchers involved in the program have worked hard during the last five years to increase the gas sector knowledge base in many respects,” said EDGaR’s Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Catrinus Jepma. “The thirty projects on gas quality, gas and energy system integration, and gas markets are now near to completion. That is why we are proud to present a highlight of the results from EDGaR’s program at this conference.”

The conference will open on the current situation of gas with Ulco Vermeulen, Business Director of Gasunie and Chairmen of the TKI Gas program of the Topsector Energy. At the end of the day, Ruud Lubbers, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, will comment the international aspects of the gas question.

During the conference, 20 experts in the field will make presentations about key results. Some speakers will address the forthcoming changes related to the injection of biogas, syngas and hydrogen. Some will speak about the integration of the gas and electricity systems to facilitate the use of renewable energy. Finally, other speakers will analyze the technical, economic and legal changes that the gas industry will undergo in the energy transition.

Besides, 16 experts will discuss during four forums current topics pertaining to gas. Two forums will be devoted to the future of gas as a source of energy and on the future of gas research.  Two other forums will address respectively the impact of political instability on gas supply and the upcoming of biogas.

At the time of its inception in 2010, EDGaR was one of the largest multidisciplinary, public–private research programs on gas and sustainability in Europe. Five years later, thirty research projects, executed by a workforce of two hundred researchers, has delivered more than 450 scientific outputs and 125 innovations. The conference Enabling Sustainability with gas will highlight the salient results. 

By Jean-François Auger