Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

The city of Groningen has an age-old tradition of being a centre of trade, but also one of knowledge, science and culture. Groningen is the second oldest university town in the Netherlands, and Hanze University Groningen is proud to carry on this tradition. Hanze University recognizes the importance of energy research and therefore supports many research programs.

In the course of its history, this university of applied sciences has built up a reputation of being truly international. Its degree programmes prepare students for a professional career in an increasingly international environment. Students from all over the world are enrolled in numerous international programmes, taught in English and German. Hanze University Groningen actively participates in projects aimed at supporting higher education institutions abroad with the enhancement of their curricula and the strengthening of their institutional capacity.

Centre of Applied Research and Innovation

The Centre of Applied Research and Innovation – Energy, is a translator of knowledge regarding energy. The centre offers education and programmes and enables businesses to perform energy projects onsite. The centre fills the gap between application-oriented knowledge in the area of energy from different approaches, for example, from the approach of technology, economics, sociology, environmentology and business management. Additionally, the centre would like to contribute to the innovation capacity of the industry in the North of the Netherlands and stimulate smart and sustainable energy consumption. Thanks to the extensive network of the centre, it has been well introduced in the energy sector and in research institutions. This access to sources of knowledge is used by the centre to initiate education programmes and courses in the area of energy, infrastructure and management. Furthermore, the centre conducts research and projects for large (international) businesses, as well as the small and medium sized industry.

Energy Academy Europe

The Energy Academy Europe provides education, conducts research and fosters innovation in the field of energy while working towards the transition to a sustainable energy future. The cooperation with top quality educational and research institutes and a vast network within the energy industry ensure that all EAE programmes are relevant to the energy sector and at the cutting edge of energy technology. By joining the forces of the Energy College (vocational education), the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the University of Groningen and the Energy Delta Institute (international energy business school), they are able to provide a wide variety of courses at different educational levels. Their links with high quality research institutes will give students the opportunity to take on the challenge of the energy transition. Active collaboration with these institutes and with the industry means students will be able to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.