Delft University of Technology

With its unique technological infrastructure, broad knowledge base, worldwide reputation and successful alumni, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is contributing significantly to the development of responsible solutions to urgent societal problems in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Given the effects of significant growth in the world population in the coming decades and the ongoing quest for greater economic prosperity worldwide, major technological breakthroughs will be essential in order to satisfy people’s basic needs. These global trends will have a profound impact on the societal mission and the long-term position of TU Delft in the coming years; all within a context of the further rigorous internationalisation of political, economic and academic networks.

TU Delft intends to fulfil its mission by developing new, ground-breaking insights that will pave the way for the urgently needed technological breakthroughs (knowledge as a product). A key part of this vision is to realise world-level multidisciplinary research and design with a view to sustainability. The faculties and unique large-scale technological research facilities at TU Delft will play a key role in realising this vision. TU Delft disseminates its knowledge by training highly qualified knowledge workers and by stimulating the application of research results (knowledge as capital). Its programmes are internationally attractive. One of the driving aims behind the vision is to attract and utilise a variegated pool of talent. Education and research, both important prerequisites for knowledge valorisation, are interwoven and harmonised.

Delft Energy Initiative

Several research projects financed by EDGaR are part of TU Delft. Do you want to learn more about energy related research and education at TU Delft? The Delft Energy Initiative provides access to more than 700 energy researchers at Delft University of Technology, representing a wide spectrum of energy-related research, from nuclear energy to sustainable building and from solar panels to studies of the electricity market.