Changing energy markets, risks and liability

What are the risks and liabilities in a changing energy market?

Martha Roggenkamp (Photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)


The energy market is confronted with many changes as a result of market liberalization, climate change and supply security. The liberalization of the European Union energy market has resulted into important changes in the energy sector. One of the results is that vertical integrated companies, once unbundled, are required to operate independently from production and supply companies. In addition, primary fuels like oil, gas and coal are gradually being replaced by renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass. Natural gas is gradually being supplemented by alternatives like biogas.

The liberalization of the energy sector and the introduction of new energy sources involve new risks. Risks related to the energy sector include, for example, regulatory risks following the liberalization and unbundling process as network companies now need to act in a more commercial way than before, and supply risks as increasing use of renewables may result in balancing problems and ,eventually, in black-outs. If there are risks, there may be damages. The injection of new sources in the grid may have a negative impact on the grid and damages to the grid may cause public health problems. Supply interruptions may again result in damages for the energy consumers. Who is liable for these damages? Are the general rules on liability sufficient to address these risks?

We aim at investigating the risks which are related to the above described changes in the energy chain. A special focus will be on new risks being the result of regulatory developments like market liberalization and the introduction of new resources. After having investigated these risks and potential damages, we will analyze the extent to which the existing liability regimes are equipped to address and mitigate these damages. The outcome will involve policy and regulatory recommendations regarding the liability regime

Theme: Changing gas market 
Leader: Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)
Partners: University of Groningen, Gasunie (performed by DNV GL) 
Budget: 0.5 milion euro
Duration: August 2011 / January 2015


Anna Butenko (DNV GL)
Maroeska Boots (DNV GL)
Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)
Danielle Hanema (University of Groningen)
Daisy Tempelman (University of Groningen)

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In the news

Injecting biogas.” Energy Delta Gas Research, 20 November 2012. (Featuring Butenko's and Tempelman's researches.)