The big picture: the future role of gas

What will be the role and share of both renewable energy and natural gas in the Netherlands in the potential end states after the energy transition?

Bert Kiewiet (photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)


The European energy market is undergoing structural changes in many areas. These changes, in turn, make it difficult to foresee the future outlook for the energy market in general and, more specifically, to forecast the position of gas in the market. Numerous long term energy scenarios have been published. These story lines are often strikingly different from each other, and this divergence could hamper a consistent approach to long-term decision making.

By referring to the scientific literature and scenarios written by the established authorities in the energy industry, we will define several possible end states of the energy transition in the second half of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, we will assess these end states in terms of consequences and required changes, as well as test them against potential technical, economical, societal implications and limitations. The project focuses on the potential role of gas in these end states.

Theme: Changing gas markets
Leader: Bert Kiewiet (DNV GL) 
Partners: Gasunie (research performed by DNV GL), University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen
Budget: 1.1 million euro
Duration: August 2011 / December 2014


Anna Butenko (DNV GL) 
Bert Kiewiet (DNV GL) 
Gideon Laugs (University of Groningen)
Ferry Lounis (DNV GL) 
Anu Manickam (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)
Jan Hessels Miedema (University of Groningen)
Henk Moll (University of Groningen)
Bart ter Veer (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)
Maurice Vos (DNV GL) 

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