Synthetic methane: a medium for storage and transportation of excess renewable energy

What are the key technologies in the conversion proces chain from electricity to gas?

Wim Haije (Photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)


The project on synthetic methane aims at identifying and developing promising key technologies in the conversion process chain from electricity to gas. It encapsulates the identification of state-of-the-art conversion technologies, as well as promising technologies under development, and the associated efficiency of the electricity to gas conversion process. We expect that high efficiency conversion technologies will provide a versatile tool to balance electricity and gas grids, as a function of the offer–demand pattern of both commodities. In parallel, the project focuses on technological options for solving intermittency issues in energy supply due to the increasing share of renewables and for adjusting the energy supply to the demand. Participants from Delft University of Technology study a novel concept of versatile high temperature solid oxide electrolyser. The concept will render flexible the conversion of electricity from renewable to pure hydrogen. In addition, participants at ECN study novel concepts for synthetic methane or so-called substitute natural gas production from hydrogen and various carbon dioxide rich feedstock such as producer (bio)gases or carbon dioxide capture plants. Meanwhile, participants at the Hanze University Groningen will contribute on the distribution, storage and usage mode of substitute natural gas by end users in existing infrastructure and necessary adaptation of future gas network.

Theme: Future energy systems
Leader: Wim Haije (ECN)
Partners: ECN, Hanze University Groningen, Delft University of Technology 
Budget: 1.3 million euro
Duration: November 2011 / December 2014


P.V. Aravind (Delft University of Technology)
Michael Barankin (Hanze University Groningen)
Jan-Wilco Dijkstra (ECN)
Wim van Gemert (Hanze University Groningen)
Luc Rabou (ECN)
Wim Haije (ECN)
Stéphane Walspurger (ECN)
Theo Woudstra (Delft University of Technology)

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In the news

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