The use of new energy resources: the role of law and the impact on networks

How does the introduction of new energy sources require change in the legal framework?

Martha Roggenkamp (Photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)


The introduction of new energy sources like wind energy, solar energy and biogas have an impact on the energy market. In this project, we will focus, from a legal perspective, on the impact of new energy sources on the energy value chain and, most particularly, on the network part of the energy value chain. Traditionally, energy (electricity and gas) is produced by major energy companies or utilities. However, renewable energy sources can be produced by a variety of larger and smaller producers. Whereas traditionally, energy is fed into the grid at the upstream level, the renewable energy sources are often fed directly into the distribution grid. Consequently, the legal framework applying to the grids supplying these resources may need to be changed. The first work package of this research will concentrate on the networks and analyze aspects relating to classification and construction of networks. The second work package will assess in greater detail aspects relating to the use of the networks, and will analyze more particularly the issue of non-discriminatory access to energy networks and the exemption to this rule for renewable energy sources. However, the legal issues relating to renewable energy sources and energy infrastructure cannot be seen in isolation. Practical market and technical issues and business knowledge is essential to appreciate the legal issues.

Theme: Changing gas markets 
Leader: Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)
Partners: University of Groningen, Gasunie (research performed by DNV GL)
Budget: 0.5 million euro
Duration: January 2011 / April 2015


Anna Butenko (DNV GL)
Maroeska Boots (DNV GL)
Pablo Ferrara (University of Groningen)
Martha Roggenkamp (University of Groningen)

Former participants
Bert Kiewiet (DNV GL)
Hannah Kruimer (University of Groningen)
Olivia Woolley (University of Groningen)


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