Number 10 (May 2014)

Research Program

New project on strategic information
EDGaR has approved a new project titled “Strategic information technology innovation orientation” (D03). This project aims “to derive answers on six strategic aspects of gas (energy) related information technology that will influence and possibly change the gas commodity and gas infrastructure business in the Netherlands and in Northwest Europe,” according to the project plan. Gasunie and the University of Groningen (in cooperation with the European School of Management in Berlin) will execute the research.

Special projects
In December 2013, EDGaR received 19 special project proposals that extend or complement part of the ongoing research projects. The Program Steering Committee and external evaluated these proposals on the basis of their scientific quality. Thirteen proposals had been finally accepted:

  • Decentralized gas storage applied at OrangeGas tank stations to balance the gas distribution network of Liander (C05)
  • Extension of the scope of projects on effects of narrow and wide ban gases on materials and joints (A5, A6, B9)
  • Increase insight in internal corrosion in transmission pipelines due to unconventional gas components in the presence of water (C01)
  • Low cost capacitive microsensors for measuring the composition of new gas (A03)
  • Reactive transport experimentation of CO2 injection together with impurities in reservoir and caprocks of Netherlands gasfields (A8)
  • Reversible solid oxide fuel cells for power–synthetic methane production : thermodynamic techno economic and life cycle analysis (C4)
  • SimBiogas: a simulation application for the biogas industry (A01)
  • SNG production with benzene co-production (B12)
  • System design of decentralized gas storage (methane and hydrogen) (C05)
  • The analysis of biogas components, the finishing touch (B08)
  • Torture testing of regenerative adsorbents for desulphurization and CO2 removal (A08)
  • True maturity: towards a smart energy maturity model (C09)

For further information about these special projects, please contact the research leader of the corresponding regular project (by following the corresponding link). Special project proposals represent a research investment of 930.000 euros.

Conferences and events

Sixth Research Day
foto Sixth Research Day
Participants at the Sixth Research Day in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014 (Photo: EDGaR/Paul Zijlstra)

The conference Sixth Research Day of the Energy Delta Gas Research has been held in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014. Catrinus Jepma, Scientific Director of EDGaR, presented on “The changing role of gas and the gas research agenda,” while Marc Perrin, from GDF SUEZ, spoke about “Green gases: today's opportunities, tomorrow's innovations for sustainable grid gas.” The results of the projects “New gas sensors” and “Advanced green gas technologies  - Phase 1” have been presented as well. See the website to download presentations and posters.

Over the Border with Gas
EDGaR cooperates with TKI-Gas for the venue of the event “Over de grens met gas” on 6 June 2014. Part of the event will be dedicated to finding partners for future European research calls, among which Horizon 2020. See our website for further information and free registration. (Note that this event will take place in Dutch.)

Meeting of the research leaders
The annual meeting of the project leaders will take place at the Regardz Eenhoorn Amersfoort, on 1 October 2014 from 14:00 to 17:00. The Program Steering Committee will met the project leaders. The main points for discussion on the agenda pertain to the closing of the projects, knowledge diffusion and valorization.

Third Joint Conference
“From monogas to multigas’’ will be the theme of the EDGaR-DVGW Third Joint Conference in Brussels on 27 and 28 November 2014. The first day will feature key-note speakers from the government and the industry on the role of gas in the transition towards sustainable energy in Europe. The second day will be devoted to scientific research on gas innovation and sustainability with speakers from Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries.

foto Sixth Research Day
Building of DVGW's office in Brussels

International Seminar on Gasification
The 8th International Seminar on Gasification of the Swedish Gas technology Centre (SGC) will take place on 15 and 16 October 2014 in Malmö. Leading international researchers will be presenting on biomass and waste gasification of various bio-fuels, bio-chemicals, heat- and power. EDGaR supports this event. For more details, see the program.

About people

Knowledge valorization. Peter van Dijk has joined the Energy Delta Gas Research as innovation manager. He will contribute to the valorization of innovations resulting from the research projects. During his career, Peter spent more than two decades in the electricity and gas industries. In 2010-2011, he was a senior faculty member at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in Ghana.

New participant. Chris Davis, a doctoral researcher from Delft University of Technology, has joined the project Understanding gas sector intra-market and inter-market interactions (A1). He will replace Alfredas Chmieliauskas and Catalin Bucura, who have left the project to accept another challenging position.

A tool for biogas networks. Taede Weidenaar, from the University of Twente, has been promoted on 27 March with a thesis on “Designing the biomethane supply chain through automated synthesis.” He has developed a new tool “that supports the design process of the biomethane supply chain and the gas distribution grid,” according to his thesis. 

Public acceptance of hydrogen. Olga di Ruggero, from Delft University of Technology, has graduated on 25 April with a thesis titled “Anticipating public acceptance: the case of hydrogen.” She challenges current views on public acceptance of technologies and gives “voice to the public in a way that citizens may maintain a positive role of ‘contributors’ to innovation,” according to the thesis.

Energy columns. Catrinus Jepma, Scientific Director of EDGaR, writes columns about energy and sustainability for Energiepodium. Read his latest column here.

Infrastructure complexity. Paulien Herder, from Delft University of Technology, has been appointed as editor in chief of the journal Infrastructure Complexity. This new serial “aims to understand, shape and design complex systems and services that emerge from a collection of interacting physical objects and social actors in an urban environment.”

Database on emission credit. Thijs Jong, from the University Groningen, is participating in the Ownership Links and Enhanced EUTL Dataset Project, which is organized by the EUI Climate Policy Research Unit. The EUI website on the Dataset Project is available from the web, as well as a seminar on this question. Moreover, he will give presentations on the European Union’s ETS at the 1st Energy Systems Conference in London as well as the 5th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists in Istanbul.

Odorisation of biomethane. Erik Polman, from Kiwa, will give a poster presentation at IGRC 2014 about the olfactory of odorized  biomethane. Read the abstract here.