Number 13 (March 2015)

Research program

The research program is halfway in its closing. Fifteen projects have resumed their activities on 31 December. Thirteen projects will be running up to 1 April.

Meanwhile, the Program Steering Committee has received the closing reports. It will proceed to an evaluation of the projects. The Board of Governors will take a decision about the closing of the projects on 13 May.

A report will synthetize the research program since its beginning. We can already note that the program has led to more than 450 scientific outputs. This number will continue to grow as researchers will submit manuscripts for publication.

Besides, 125 innovations have been identified. These innovations include for example strategic advices for the gas industry, simulations and models for the future gas sector, innovative production process, etc. (See the article below.)

Finally, more than one thousand visitors come to the website on a monthly basis. Sixty percent are from the Netherlands. Forty percent are from Germany, the United States, France, Belgium, etc. This shows the international interest for EDGaR.  

Enabling Sustainability with Gas

foto Sixth Research Day

The conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas will be held on 18 and 19 March 2015 at the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. It will discuss gas as an enabler for sustainability, presenting results from the EDGaR program. Register as soon as possible but before 10 March!

On 18 March, the program will start with Ulco Vermeulen, Director Business Development at Gasunie and chairman of the TKI Gas program of the Topsector Energy. It will be followed by three sessions on gas quality, gas as an energy system enabler and the future of gas market.

Two forums will discuss respectively the future of gas as a source of energy and the future of gas research.

At the poster session, 27 posters will be displayed. They will address a broad range of themes from the production of new gas up to the future of the gas sector via the gas infrastructure, appliances and the policy and regulation for the gas markets.

Ruud Lubbers, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and UN High Commissioner for Refugees, will deliver the dinner address.

On 19 March, sessions will cover gas quality and appliances, the production of green gas, the changing gas markets, the future gas quality and infrastructure, smart grids for gas and the like.

At the end of the day, two forums will address the questions of the impact of the impact of political  instability on the gas sector and the future development of  biogas.

At the time of publication, more than 180 participants have registered. They are from research universities and institutes, provincial and national governments, as well as from the energy and gas industry.

Discover 125 innovations

The valorisation of knowledge produced by the program, also known as societal impact, has made significant progresses. It is not close to its finalization. Over 125 innovations have been identified and validated by the research leaders.

These innovations include a wide range of advices for policymaking, laws and regulations, strategic investments decisions, asset management practices and technical specifications for the deployment and operation of a sustainable gas system, as well as the impact on the more day-to-day household appliances.

Several of these innovations are currently the subject of business plan and marketing research for their commercialization. Some of them are also under examination for patent protection.

Next to that the Energy Academy Europe in Groningen will put some innovations into applications through its Start Up Fast Track program and EnTranCe, the Academy’s hotspot of applied sciences for businesses and innovation, has started to contact entrepreneurs, investors and companies for the transfer of the innovations into practice.

A number of the innovations also have been translated in student projects at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and are now embedded in the educational program “Product service delivery”.

A new version of EDGaR’s website has been launched recently. It aims to communicate these innovation to a broader public. In particular, it has the intention to attract external parties to work on further development. The new release includes new and better search functions and a separate drop-down menu for innovations, making the website more user-friendly.

You are all invited to discover these innovations which are part of the scientific outputs of the EDGaR projects by visiting the dedicated page on innovations.

About people

YouTube. Aad Correljé, from Delft University of Technology, has delivered a key-note speech 'Ontwikkelingen in de internationale energiepolitiek' at the Nationale Warmte Congres 2014. You can listen to the integrality of his presentation on YouTube.

Groningen. EDGaR's sister research program, Flexigas, has delivered it's results during a conference in December in Groningen. Several participants to EDGaR contribute to Flexigas. Their presentation on the research results are available from Flexigas' website.

Paris. Bram van der Drift, from ECN, is invited to speak at the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris. He will be talking about the project "Substitute natural gasimpact". Read the abstract.

Amsterdam. ECN also presented on the project Substitute natural gas impact at the Future of Aromatics Conference on 14-15 January 2015 in Amsterdam, under the title “Closing the aromatics cycle”.

Copenhagen. András Perl and Wim van Gemert from Hanze University of Applied Sciences won a third prize for their poster "Methane storage in porous activated carbons" at the European Gas Research Group (GERG) Academic Network event 2014. Their poster gives a summary about their research on methane storage through adsorption on porous activated carbons. It is part of the project "Decentralized gas storage."