Number 14 (May 2015)

Research projects

The execution of all research projects has terminated. Thirty research projects and their sixteen extensions, known as the Pearl projects, have delivered several significant results. The research leaders have submitted their closing report to the Program Steering Committee, which warrant the quality of the reporting process. The Board of Governors will meet on June 17 for the formal closing of the projects.

Research program

The research program is continuing briefly up until 1 July with the diffusion of the results. The conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas, held on 18–19 March in Amsterdam, has presented the highlights of the research projects to a broad audience. Besides, several project groups have held apart conferences to communicate the results to their potential users.

Enabling Sustainability with Gas

Howard Levinsky (DNV GL) at Enabling Sustainability with Gas in Amsterdam (photo: EDGaR/Jan Buwalda)

Knowledge diffusion

Within the project groups, participants have exchanged raw data, laboratory reports and working documents, but most often the main results of the projects expounded in the closing reports. Several authors are preparing conference papers and/or writing reports, article and book chapters. Most of the scientific outputs are available on EDGaR’s website (see also the list of publication below). Nearly a dozen of PhD students will continue their researches up until the defense. A short magazine written by professional journalists is under preparation to explain the results to a broad audience.

About people

Exertblog. Roelf Venhuizen wrote an expertblog for Petrochem Platform about EDGaR's closing conference Enabling Sustainability with Gas. Read his blog.

System integration. Paulien Herder, from Delft University of Technology, has presented a keynote speech at the special event on system integration organized by the Top Sector Energy in April. She wrote a text on the topic: “Naar een flexibel en verantwoord energiesysteem.” The presentations of this event are available on the website of Top Sector Energie.

Law and economics. Thijs Jong and Edwin Woerdman, from University Groningen, published a working paper on European energy regulators. Read it here.

Follow-up. Project "Substitute natural gas" (B12) will probably have a follow-up. ECN and partners Gasunie, TATA and Dahlman submitted a new proposal as a sequel to B12. The project will be supported by GDF Suez, Göteborg Energi, ENI, ETI and Gas Natural Fenosa.

Austria. As a result of the EDGaR-projects, René Hermkens, from Kiwa, will present his research findings at EUROCORR 2015. Read about the effect of biogas components on integrity of existing gas distribution infrastructure.

Energy studies. Chris B. Davis has been appointed as assistant professor at the Research Unit Energy and Environement Studies of the University of Groningen. He was formerly working as a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology. He has contributed to the project Understanding gas sector intra-market and inter-market interactions.

Paris. Bram van der Drift, from ECN, is invited to speak at the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris. He will be talking about the project "Substitute natural gasimpact". Read the abstract.

Paris - take two. Johannes de Bruin and René Hermkens, from Kiwa, will speak about The impact of sustainable gases on gas distribution materials at the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris. Read their abstract.

EU Emissions. Thijs Jong, from University Groningen, gave a lunch lecture at PBL, entitled 'EU Emissions Trading by Energy Firms'.

Fuel. Luc Rabou , from ECN, and his co-workers just received confirmation from Fuel Magazine that their publication on the "Advanced gree gas technology - Phase 1" (A02) project will be published in the next edition.

Decentralized gas. Folkert Koopman, from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, published a report on the C5 project regarding decentralized gas storage. Find the summary and innovations here.

Florence. Thijs Jong, from University Groningen, gave a presentation at the European University Institute entitled "Looking Back at Ten Years of the EU ETS: Lessons Learnt and Future Perspectives".