Number 4 (October 2012)

Back to the future of gas

The conference 'Back to the Future of Gas' will be held on 20-21 November 2011 in Groningen. Will gas still be an important energy source by 2050? This question is paramount in order to prepare the energy transition towards the use of renewable energy. Which technologies, economic arrangements and energy uses will prevail in the future? One of the assumptions of this conference is that gas can facilitate, for the decades to come, the transition towards the use of renewable and sustainable energy. Speakers will address this theme from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines and from the viewpoint of the government and the industry. For further details, please visit the Energy Delta Convention 2012. You can register with a 100 euros discount, as a participating EDGaR researcher, by registering with the code 'EDGaR2012' in the remarks box. Register here.

Joint conference with DVGW

EDGaR and the Deutsche Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGV) will hold a joint conference on gas and sustainability. The conference venue is on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 February 2013, at the Regardz WTC, in Arnhem. The first aim of the conference consists of sharing common knowledge between research teams sponsored by both organizations. It represents a sound opportunity to meet and establish links with German colleagues. The second aim of the conference is to prepare a joint position paper that will influence the European research agenda on gas and sustainability. Further details about the program and registration will be communicated in a timely fashion.

Results of the clusters

The research program is now halfway. To evaluate the progresses made thus far, the Program Steering Committee has held a series of clustered discussions with the research leaders and the participants to the projects. The Committee finds it generated a positive reaction. Furthermore, it finds that most of the projects are on schedule. These discussions resulted in the identification of the most interesting results obtained per project. EDGaR will communicate about these results in the months to come.

PhD masterclass

The Energy Delta Convention 2012 will host, on 20 November, a PhD Master class on future energy infrastructure. PhD students, whose researches are on this topic, are invited to apply. The master class is limited to 20 selected participants. The master class will begin with an introductory speech of leading experts in the field. It will be followed up by a plenary session during which participants will share their work with each other. The master class is free of charge. Lunch is provided. The conference is at the Martiniplaza, Groningen. To apply, download the registration form and send it before 1 November to <>. For further information, please visit the website of the Energy Delta Convention 2012.

Sponsoring of thesis

Several doctoral students are carrying their research in the framework of one of the many EDGaR’s research project. They will have to defend a thesis to earn their PhD degree. In the Netherlands, the publication of the thesis prior the defense is mandatory. Therefore, EDGaR has created a program that covers part of the publication costs. At this stage, students who want to benefit from this program are requested to register, as soon as possible but before 1 November 2012, by filling a short form. We will communicate further information such eligibility, application and reimbursement rules.

The future of EDGaR

Gas and sustainability is a research topic for the long run. Therefore, a new committee has been created to envision a possible follow up of the EDGaR program beyond July 2015. It is being composed of Robert Kleiburg (ECN), Anton Broenink (Gas Terra) and Catrinus Jepma (EDGaR's scientific director). This committee will meet regularly and report its results to the Board of Governors.

Change in the Advisory Council

Peter de WitPeter de Wit, former president director of Shell Netherlands, has been nominated on EDGaR’s Advisory Council. Besides this executive position, he filled several broad international background roles for non-executive in the energy industry. During his career, he was notably a member of the Royal Dutch Shell Gas and Power Executive Committee. He developed considerable experience as a board member of world-leading energy companies and worked in several places around the world. He replaces Ruud Lubbers, a former prime-minister of the Netherlands. Lubbers gave his advices to EDGaR since its creation.

About people

International links. Thijs Jong, doctoral student at the University of Groningen, is back from a stay at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy. He analyzed the impact of the over-allocation in the European emissions trading scheme on firms, including gas and electricity companies. Together with his supervisors Prof. Dr. Oscar Couwenberg and Dr. Edwin Woerdman, he also participated in a climate policy conference and workshop, on special invitation by Prof. Denny Ellerman, head of the climate policy research unit at the EUI. These contacts strengthen further the international collaboration with the EUI and the participants of the project Understanding gas sector intra-market and inter-market interactions.

Energy infrastructures. Rolf Künneke, professor at Delft University of Technology and member of EDGaR's Program Steering Committee, will do the opening of the 5th Annual Conference on Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, in Brussels, November 2012. Part of the program of this event is devoted to energy infrastructures such as gas. Künneke is also the leader of the projects Towards sustainable gas distribution systems and Integrating local and regional energy systems for enhancing sustainability.

A new contributor. Matthijs Uyterlinde, from ECN, joined the research team of the project The next fifty years.

Modeling and softwares. Hans Wortmann, professor at the University of Groningen, has been invited to deliver a key-note speech at the 9th International Conference on Modeling, Optimization and Simulation, Bordeaux, June 2012. His presentation was titled ‘Software services change our world.’ Wortmann is the research leader of the projects Embedding decentralized energy supply in the infrastructure and Effects of decentralized new-gas injection.

North Sea Grid. Dr. Olivia Woolley, from the University of Groningen, will present the paper ‘Governing a North Sea Grid Development’ at the conference Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, in November in Brussels. She argues that states of the North Sea region, which share common goals, should establish a legal framework to govern the development of a regional offshore electricity grid. Through a framework treaty, they could enhance the delivery of mutually beneficial outcomes out of this grid. Wooley contributes to the project The use of new energy resources: the role of law and the impact on networks

Change at Enexis. Christen van Gorkum, from Enexis, has been promoted as manager. She will be responsible for the realization of ideas pertaining to Enexis’ asset management in Overijsel. Michiel van Dam replaces her in the project Development of measurement technologies for the determination of gas composition.