Number 6 (May 2013)

TNO associate partner

TNO has joined the Energy Delta Gas Research as an associate partner. Participants Christian Bos, Alin Chitu, Lilya Ghazaryan and Frank Wilschut will contribute to the project Integrating local and regional energy systems for enhancing sustainability. Chris te Stroet, the director oil and gas of TNO, will take a seat in the Board of Governors. TNO is an independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations.

Fifth Research Day

The Fifth Research Day has been held in Nunspeet on 25 April 2013. Prof. Dr. Gert Brunekreeft, the director of the Bremer Energie Institut at Jacobs University, and Ulco Vermeulen, the business director of Gasunie, have delivered key-note speeches. The conference showcased the results obtained thus far per project. You can download the presentations and posters.

Energy Summer School 2013

The Energy Summer School 2013 is a unique opportunity for PhD students to become familiar with energy transition and its possibilities. It will take place from 17 to 28 June at the University of Groningen. Speakers will adress new aspects of energy transition, leading to new insights and creating synergy in approaches to energy transition. EDGaR organizes this event in partnership with the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme, the department of International Relations of the University of Groningen, the Energy Delta Institute and the Stichting Noord-Nederland Rusland 2013.

Meeting of the project leaders

The annual meeting of the project leaders will be held in Amersfoort on 11 September 2013. The Program Steering Committee will meet the research leaders to discuss the program, the closing of the projects, cooperation between EDGaR’s and external partners, upcoming conferences and other activities pertaining to the program.

Cluster meetings

The Program Steering Committee will visit the project leaders and their teams in a series of cluster meetings from September to November 2013. They will go to Apeldoorn, Delft, Groningen and Petten. What are the results? How to work better together? Participants will exchange on the progresses made in their projects. Groups will be formed around clusters: production of green gas, the provision of gas quality, green gas production, devices for gas quality, infrastructure for gas quality, future-proof energy systems, legal aspects and economic aspects of gas.

Short news

Midterm review of the program
The Program Steering Committee is making a midterm evaluation of the research program. It will deliver a report to the International Advisory Committee.

International conference in Brussels
The Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfashes (DVGW) and EDGaR are planning to hold an international conference on gas and sustainability in Brussels on 28 and 29 November 2013.

Sixth Research Day
The Sixth Research Day will be held in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014.

About people

Gasification. Bram van der Drift, a gasification and clean gas expert at ECN, will deliver a key-note speech at the 3rd Annual Gasification Summit, on 6-7 November 2013, in London. His presentation will concern updates on key European projects, how to attract new entrants to the industry, cost reduction through improved performance technologies and the greatest developments in gasification.

Emission trading. Thijs Jong, a doctoral student in law and economics at the University of Groningen, participated in the Directorate-General for Climate Action in Brussels, in February 2013. They will work on a public database about the allowances of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme before the end of 2013.

Communications. Albertha Bloemhoff, a master student at the University of Groningen, has joined EDGaR to reinforce communications. As a communication assistant, she will be involved with internal and external communication, the newsletters, website content and publicity.

Energy infrastructures. Pablo Ferrara, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen, will examine the technical and legal definitions and classifications of energy networks in the European Law. Moreover, he will consider the potential of large scale introduction and use of renewable energy in the European Union and pipelines transporting carbon dioxide. He has joined the project The use of new energy resources: the role of law and the impact on networks.

Synthetic natural gas. J.H. Miedema, a doctoral student at the University of Groningen, works on an essay titled “Synthetic natural gas in the big picture of a sustainable energy transition.” He has joined the project Substitute natural gas impact.

North Sea. Bas Perceival, a doctoral student at Delft University of Technology, has been hired as a consultant at Wood Mackenzie, in Edinburgh. He will provide an analysis of the developments of the energy-related questions to the North Sea. He will continue his thesis in the project Up stream – down stream.

User innovativeness. Sabrina Sauer, a doctoral student at the University of Twente, will graduate with a thesis on user innovativeness in living laboratory practices. Her thesis has practical applications in information and communication technologies. She will join the project The Next Fifty Years.

Decentralized gas storage. Johannes de Bruin, a consultant at KIWA, Han Lemmens, from DNV KEMA, and Folkert Koopman, at the Hanze University of Applied Science, have joined the project Decentralized gas storage to guarantee gas supply and allow balancing of the decentralized energy system.