Number 7 (July 2013)

Gas fuels Europe

The EDGaR-DVGW Second Joint Conference on Gas Innovation and Sustainability will be held in Brussels on 28 and 29 November 2013. Political representatives, business executives and scientific researchers will explore the possibility of a research program on gas innovation and sustainability that can contribute to achieving European Commission’s 20-20-20 goals. Besides, representatives of both organizations will showcase the results of the most advanced researches and propose ideas for the way ahead. Book this conference in your agenda!

The Energy Summer School 2013

The Energy Summer School 2013 has taken place from 17 to 28 June at the University of Groningen. It was a very successful event, during which PhD students became familiar with energy transition. Participants discussed topics such as sustainability, energy security and technical developments in the energy sector. Besides, they addressed the consequences of energy transition for stakeholders, the role of governments and geopolitical tensions related to energy.

Meeting of the project leaders

The annual meeting of the project leaders will be held in Amersfoort on 11 September 2013. The Program Steering Committee will meet the research leaders to discuss the program, the closing of the projects, cooperation between EDGaR and external partners, upcoming conferences and other activities pertaining to the program.

Cluster meetings

The Program Steering Committee will visit the project leaders and their teams in a series of cluster meetings from September to November 2013. They will go to Apeldoorn, Delft, Groningen and Petten. What are the results? How to work better together? Participants will exchange on the progresses made in their projects. Groups will be formed around clusters: production of green gas, the provision of gas quality, green gas production, devices for gas quality, infrastructure for gas quality, future-proof energy systems, legal aspects and economic aspects of gas.

About people

To Liège. Ashwin Ittoo, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen, will start as a tenure-track assistant professor at HEC Management School, at the University of Liege. He will teach courses on management information systems and perform research on big data, social media, semantic web and software as a service.

Geothermal heat. Danielle Hanema has been appointed as of March 2013 as a junior researcher at the University of Groningen. She will work in close cooperation with Martha Roggenkamp on issues like geothermal heat in the project Changing energy markets, risks and liability.

A new leader. Karen van Bloemendaal, a senior consultant at DNV KEMA, has taken over the role of project manager from Martin Hommes, a consultant, for the project Effects of narrow and wide band gases on integrity and safety of the Dutch gas grid.