Number 9 (February 2014)

Research program

Three projects completed
Three projects have been completed in December 2013. The projects are:

We will send you a special communication when results will be made public.


Sixth Research Day 
The conference Sixth Research Day of the Energy Delta Gas Research will be held in Nunspeet on 24 April 2014. One confirmed key-note speaker is Marc Perrin, PhD, head manager of the research and development program on biomass gasification at GDF SUEZ in Paris. Sessions will be held on the economic and social aspects of gas, gas quality and technology and gas systems. 

Participants of the EDGaR program can submit a poster by no later than 3 April. Please go to the registration page to register and, if the case arises, enter the title and author(s) of your poster for the program.

In addition, there will be an interactive session on the serious game Gasboard. Participants will explore the effects of the large-scale introduction of biogas. You will take on the role of gas producer, consumer, grid operator or regulator. You will create a future gas grid. You can indicate your participation to this activity while registering.

Gas fuels Europe
Gas Fuels Europe, the second joint conference of EDGaR and DVGW, has been held in Brussels in November 2013. On the first day, top speakers discussed the strategy for a future program on gas innovation and sustainability which can contribute to achieving European Commission’s 20-20-20 goals. Representatives of both EDGaR and DVGW showcased the results of the most advanced researches. Their presentations have been posted online. In news, we describe the content of the first day. The conference will have a sequel, the Third Joint Conference, which will be held in Brussels on 27-28 November 2014. 

Research cooperation

Horizon 2020
The European Commission has published several calls for energy-related projects, some of which having gas as a targeted technology, as part of the new program Horizon 2020. The theme 10 of the program is about “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy.” With the search engine, find a call on your specialized topic by searching with a key-word such as energy or gas.

The deadlines range from March 2014 up to April 2015, depending on the call. If you are engaged or planning to engage in submitting a proposal on energy or gas, we would like to be informed. DVGW and EDGaR will hold strategic meetings with European partners in order to identify interesting calls and to facilitate the formation of consortiums.

DVGW and EDGaR have identified at least three potential interesting calls, whose deadlines are in 2015:

International cooperation
EDGaR has engaged into a broader internationalization of its activity. In Europe, several research programs on gas innovation and sustainability are ongoing. We invite you to get acquainted with some of them in Europe:

Besides, the program TKI-Gas will organize in April 2014 a workshop day to facilitate the establishment of partnerships for the internationalization of gas research. The exact date will be communicated later.

About people

European datasetThijs Jong from University of Groningen, has participated in the construction of a dataset that links the allowance transaction accounts under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to the owners of those accounts. Researchers can openly access the dataset to perform empirical research. It will be linked with Enipedia, as an interoperation between EDGaR projects. You can explore the dataset on the website or, for further information, contact Jong.

Public acceptance of hydrogen. Olga di Ruggero will defend her thesis titled “Anticipating public acceptance: The hydrogen case” at the Aula of Delft University of Technology, on 25 April 2014 from 10:00 o’clock onwards. Prof. Dr. Wil Thissen, from Delft University of Technology, is the supervisor. This research is an outcome of the project The next fifty years (A12). Please contact di Ruggero for further information about her defense and thesis.

Biomethane supply chain. Taede Weidenaar will defend his thesis titled “Designing the biomethane supply chain through automated synthesis” at the University of Twente, in Enschede, at 14:45 on 27 March 2014. This thesis is a result of the project Towards sustainable gas distribution systems (A11).

Competition and regulation. Two papers were presented at the conference Competition and Regulation in Network Industries held in November 2013 in Brussels. Anna Butenko (DNV GL) presented “Large scale biomethane injection into the natural gas grid,” while Bert Kiewiet  (DNV GL) and his colleagues presented on “Gas entry-exit network pricing models and implementation options.” The conference had been notably organized by Rolf Künneke (Delft University of Technology), who also organized a workshop on social responsible innovation in energy.

A new challenge ahead. Stéphane Walspurger has accepted a new position Technip Benelux, an energy-related company operating in the Netherlands. The project “Synthetic methane” (C04), will be placed under the leadership of Wim Haije (ECN).

To Amsterdam. Anna Butenko has left DNV GL to carry out her doctoral research in energy law and economics at the Amsterdam Centre for Energy, the University of Amsterdam. She will focus on the new legal framework for local smart distribution systems in electricity and gas.

New participant. R.J. van den Burg, from the University of Groningen, has joined the project Effects of decentralized new-gas injection (C02) in replacement of Ashwinn Ittoo, who works at University of Liège, Belgium.

New project leader. Dr. Jessanne Mastop will be taking over the project leadership from Matthijs Uyterlinde in the “Next Fifty Years” project (A12). Mastop works as a researcher in the group Energy Demand and Consumers at ECN Policy studies. She studied social and organizational psychology at Leiden University. Mastop focuses on public perceptions, stakeholder engagement and consumer behaviour in carbon dioxide storage, smart grids, local energy initiatives and energy saving.