Working Papers

The Working Papers of the Energy Delta Gas Research (ISSN 2213-6169) publishes scientific and technical contributions of its participating researchers. They deal with the role of gas in the transition towards the use of sustainable energy. 

No 5 (2014)
Self-governance in community energy systems: structuring an approach for assessing their viability
Timothy Cayford and Daniel Scholten

No 4 (2013)
Gas research in the Netherlands and Horizon 2020
Catrinus Jepma

No 3 (2012)
A complementary role for natural gas in the electric energy transition
Anton Janssen, Bert Lambregts, L. van der Sluis, Christian F. M. Bos

No 2 (2012)
European energy security discourses and the development of a common energy policy
Julia Trombetta

No 1 (2012)
Scenarios for the Dutch gas distribution infrastructure by 2050
Taede Weidenaar, Errit Bekkering and Rosemarie van Eekelen