Future energy systems

The sustainable development of the gas system has not been integrated, thus far, in the development of the electricity system. That is unfortunate: the Netherlands is not exploring opportunities to connect the high quality gas system to two major developments, the balancing and storage of electricity.

EDGaR aims at researching, in households as well as in the industry, the technical possibilities to supply the required energy automatically or through gas or through electricity, depending on what is the most efficient and sustainable.

All in all, a higher efficiency and sustainability of the total energy system is possible, if smart connections between the two systems of gas and electricity is installed. That would result in a better utilization of renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, whose level of production remains variable and hard to predict.


1. System innovation for sustainability
2. Flexible conversion systems
3. Integration of decentralized generators in the infrastructure
4. Infrastructure for a future-proof energy supply in the Netherlands
5. Energy storage